I just can't believe how cute this little fella is.  Freddy the 4 month old Yorkshire Terrier.  Freddy's mum Liz contacted me as she could not find a sweater small enough for Freddy.  The XS Combed Cotton Cable Knit Dog Sweater that she had purchased was too big and did I have a XXS?  I didn't have any in stock.  Liz told me that she couldn't find any XXS Sweaters and Freddy was so tiny he was feeling the cold and would I bring one in for her.  So, I explained I would have a look to see if it was going to be economical and after doing the sums said "Yes", but it was going to take three weeks.  Liz was fine with that.  So off the order went to my supplier in the USA and the process began.  Finally the order arrived from the USA and I promptly uploaded the stock to my website.  I then emailed Liz to say that the XXS Combed Cotton Cable Knit Dog Sweater had arrived and were on my website.  As they say the rest is history...Needless to say Liz is very happy, Freddy is adorable. cute and warm.

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